"Leveraging Mentor Relationships" Words over a multi colored design

Thank you to all who attended our last webinar, Leveraging Mentor Relationships, with Véronique Couttee. We had a great time talking about mentorship experiences and learning from each other. 

What is mentorship?

  • “Often close connections that support individuals in self-discovery, cultivate abilities, and support connections personally and professionally.”
  • Bi-directional/ multi-directional
  • Mentorships are what you make of them

Where can I find a mentor?

  • Conferences
  • ELP Network
  • Research online, faculty bios on university websites
  • Professors/Supervisors
  • Informational Interviews

Identify and communicate your needs. Mentorship relationships will look different for different people. Brainstorm some qualities you would want in a mentor. Some people want a casual and friendly relationship, others want a strictly professional and practical discourse.

  • What support do you want?
  • What do you want to learn?
  • What goals do you have for this relationship? 
  • How do you best communicate?

Reaching out to a potential mentor doesn't have to be scary. In an email, simply note how you appreciate their work, define the work you are doing or hope to be doing, and give a clear ask. Is the ask a question about a specific project you're working on? Be specific. This is a great opportunity to practice your elevator pitch! 


Thank you to  Véronique Couttee for contributing her insights, and thank you to ELP staff for facilitating a great conversation.