In the spirit of flexibility and emergence, we have decided to make a pretty bold shift in both structure and content for this fall’s programming.

We will not be hosting an ALC for 2021 fall/winter. Instead, the 2-day virtual retreat scheduled for December will be our last retreat together this year. This time will be spent on joyous and restful activities, conversations, and quality time spent together as peers. 

Sign up if:
- You want to make connections with DDCSP alumni from across cohorts.
- You need to spend some time away from school and/or work duties.
- You want to participate in joyful conversations, laugh, meditate, and hold space for each other. 

If you’d prefer a more traditional ALC format as described in previous promotional materials, social media etc, please know we are planning for an in-person ALC next year!

Why the change?

Folks are fatigued, and not just from Zoom. The pandemic and constant exposure to violent governments, policies, and news on top of “regular” capitalist duties like work and school is burning people out. We have noticed these emotions in ourselves and in our friends. We need a break from labor and maybe you need one too. And we want to create a program that best fits the current needs and desires of our DDCSP community!

What’s changing? 

Instead of a 3-month commitment with the expectation of working in small groups to produce a project, we will be hosting a winter retreat focused on rest in a variety of ways. All DDCSP alumni, including alumni who have participated in previous ALCs, Alumni Councils, Steering Committees etc, will be welcomed to sign up. 

What’s staying the same?

By attending the 2-day virtual retreat in December, you will still get a chance to meet new people, connect with DDCSPers across cohorts, and learn about resources within the network. There are still a limited number of spots open, so we can best engage folks online, so you will still need to sign up here :) Hope to see you there!