"DDCSP Structural Updates: DDCSP Collaborative & Cornell shifts" words surrounding by yellow flowers

Dear DDCSP Network,

Last fall, we shared an update with you on our decision-making process around discontinuing DDCSP at Northern Arizona University. In the spirit of transparency and in providing you all periodic updates on DDCSP and DDCF, we wanted to share with you another shift in one of the programs.

Since 2014, the DDCSP Collaborative (more commonly referred to as the University of Florida program) was managed or hosted by the University of Florida. The Collaborative was made up of five partner universities, including Cornell University, North Carolina State University, University of Arizona, University of Florida, and University of Idaho.

After a number of discussions with Rena Borkhataria, the program director of the DDCSP Collaborative, and the university partners, we decided to shift the host grantee from the University of Florida to Multiplier, a non-profit fiscal sponsor that works with a number of environmental projects. That shift provides Rena with stronger administrative support and flexibility in managing a complex program across five university partners. The shift will also give us the opportunity to move away from the singular University of Florida program branding to calling the program the DDCSP Collaborative, as that better reflects the nature of the program.

The DDCSP Collaborative, which will continue as a partnership of five universities, is also shifting the partners in the Collaborative, with University of Massachusetts, Amherst replacing Cornell University. This will create a more uniform experience for Scholars across the Collaborative. All five schools in the partnership have strong natural resources and wildlife programs and students both within and across partner universities will be taking similar classes due to the more similar curricula within those programs.

The current Cornell Scholars and Cornell Alumni will continue to be an important part of our DDCSP community and their close relationship to and support from the DDCSP Collaborative will remain unchanged. Rena has communicated this decision to the scholars and the decision was discussed with many of the scholars and alumni from Cornell before we moved forward with it.


We look forward to welcoming the first cohort of Scholars from UMass in summer 2020 and all of the incoming Scholars. Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about this decision.


- Danielle Levoit

Program Officer for the Environment, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation