DDCSP Mindfulness Series; 4 workshops, 4 alumni facilitators, 4 chill nights of mindfulness; food, music, breath, virtual hug


We know that a lot has been going on this year. It's hard to keep updated on news, support various movements, and also take care of ourselves. This workshop mini-series is meant to create space for alumni to laugh, relax, chat, and learn about ourselves in a chill environment. Workshops run about half an hour. Feel free to participate in the whole series, or pop in for the ones that attract you the most. Can't wait to see you there!


Image of Benji playing guitar outside. Oct. 1 7:00pm ET

Tuning into your Body: Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Self-Love 

October 1, 7:00pm ET

We're starting off this series by getting out of our heads and into our hearts. Benji (NAU '16) will lead us through a breath work and movement practice for healing and embodiment. 


Watch the recorded workshop here!

Image of Imani giving the Black Power fist outside. Oct. 14 7:30pm ET

Mindful Like a G

October 14, 7:30pm ET

Music is a huge part of many people's mindfulness practices. Join Imani (NAU '18, ALC 3) in an interactive workshop where we will be sharing music that gives us all the feels.


Watch the recorded workshop here!

Image of Isaac with pet rat on shoulder. Oct. 21 7:00pm ETEating for Nourishment and Pleasure

October 21, 7:00pm ET

We're talking intuitive eating and honoring our bodies with Isaac (UM '18). Bring a snack and join in the discussion of food joy! I'm hoping to leave this workshop with a ton of new yummy family recipes you all share ;)

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Image of DDCSP alumni hugging and laughing outside. Oct.26 7:00pm ETDDCSP Virtual Hug

October 26, 7:00pm ET

We're hosting another check-in call! Chat about how you're feeling, what you've been up to, and catch up with other alumni. Games may even be played...


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