Illustrated books. "DDCSP Book Club; a review of our year reading together"

Remember that one time we had a DDCSP book club?? No? Well, here's a recap! We met semi-regularly about once a month in 2019 & 2020 to discuss articles, surveys, and books that we found interesting.

Screenshot of 5 Book Club members on a video call. All smiling!

  • The group started off discussing selections from  Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass. We loved Robin’s scientific storytelling. And we wondered, “How would the world and people be different if we knew and felt that the Earth loves us back?”
  • Next, we moved onto quite a different reading, an article called Intro to the Apocalypse by anonymous. After this reading, we were honest about the state of the world and pulled each other out of some serious existential dread. We actually ended up somewhere pretty hopeful! We talked about the merits of sabotage vs protest and ways we are actively embodying the values of our desired new world. Why are we asking for permission to make changes? As one reader so poignantly noted, “We’ve colonized our imaginations.”
  • We were really into All About Love by Bell Hooks for a couple of meetings. The book had us looking at how our childhoods and societal depictions of love affected our current love and relationship styles. We discussed masculinity, secrecy, child-rearing practices, self-love, and meditation.
  • All of this brings us to the final reading selection of 2019, Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown. What a collection to wrap up on. Everyone had a deeply personal response to this book. A lot of feelings were shared! We are continuing to read through this book and discuss all of our feels, and that brings us up to date! 

Things we referenced throughout our meetings: 

If you would like to revitalize the book club, email!