Image of a hand holding a heart. "Calls to Action"

I have been working for a while on a spreadsheet to share with the network. Some alumni mentioned this would be a helpful resource to them, plus I actually really love organizing information! The spreadsheet lists almost every call to action (petitions, emails, phone calls, donations, GoFundMes, etc.) that I've seen in my emails and social media. They are categorized by theme and include organizations as well as individual personal requests. Feel free to add to the list, share it, and use it as a resource when you are feeling like you don't know what you can do to help folks and movements. Even without money, there are always ways to show support. 

*Further research is always important when looking at places to donate. Due to the scale of this spreadsheet, I am unable to research the transparency and efficacy of each movement/organization. I encourage you to do your own research, especially before giving money.*

If you have concerns or questions about anything listed, please contact