Covers of books against a sunset background. "Last night at the telegraph club" shows two people embracing on a dark street. "Legendborn" shows a Black woman with light encircling her arms. "House in the Cerulean Sea" shows a house on the very edge of a cliff. "This is How you lose the time war" shows two birds, one red, one blue. "Braiding Sweetgrass" has an image of the title's namesake. "The fire next time" has a black and white photo of James Baldwin looking serious.

We’re almost halfway through the year, and I am reevaluating my 2021 reading goals… Are you also looking for books with heroes and protagonists that better represent you? Just me? Here are some new and old titles that DDCSP alumni are talking about.

Resource Roundup, Spring 2021

Below you'll find many mental health resources as well as free printing services for LA activists. Please share with anyone who might benefit. If you have any resources you think should be in the next resource roundup, email