COVID-19 places an undue burden on already vulnerable populations and further exposes existing social inequities. To that end, we've collected some mutual aid resources that have links to locally specific resources and fundraisers that may be relevant to you and/or those most impacted.

Photo of Sarah Anderson with a big smile

A big thank you to Sarah Anderson for her encouragement and helpful insights in our last webinar. And thank you to all who attended; the questions and overall participation were great! You can watch the full webinar here.

Here are some short notes from the webinar...

A student is in a field conducting soil research.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Agroecology Program is looking for students to pursue a Master’s degree in Agriculture, Environmental, and Sustainability Sciences (AESS) with grant supported study focused on multiple dimensions of sustainable agriculture and food systems. The AESS program provides students with a unique, integrative education and training that prepares them to meet the challenges and opportunities in the multiple dimensions of sustainability sciences. This multidisciplinary degree program is designed to supplement theoretical understanding with action-oriented, applied research. 

"Leveraging Mentor Relationships" Words over a multi colored design

Thank you to all who attended our last webinar, Leveraging Mentor Relationships, with Véronique Couttee. We had a great time talking about mentorship experiences and learning from each other.