ALC participant standing in front of a Rhino and smiling (Photo by Briana Betke) 

(Photo by Briana Betke) 

Where do I apply?

Right here

Wait, so what exactly is ALC?

Check out our revamped ALC description here

This is called Alumni Leadership Cohort, but I don’t particularly see myself as a leader…

Hold up. You are already a leader. Because leadership does and should show up in different ways.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an alumnus of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program.

    • To be considered alumni you must have completed both summers of  DDCSP.

  • Have availability for full five days of the retreat dates

In addition, ELP looks for applicants that demonstrate:

  • Curiosity about developing the DDCSP Alumni Network

  • Commitment to the values of diversity and justice within the environmental and social change fields

We’re capping this virtual cohort at 20 people, but if there’s more interest we can make more than one group.

What are the selection criteria?

We look at how clearly alumni articulate how participating in this program will contribute to the development of the alumni network and further their personal and professional development. We will also strive to select a cohort of alumni who represent the diversity of the alumni network. However, please note that we are moving away from the tradition application dynamic.

What is the selection process?

As stated above, we are moving away from the tradition application dynamic. We want to acknowledge that so many alumni are already leading their networks and communities in amazing ways. The selection process is not designed to discourage folks from starting or continuing to engage with the network in new ways. There are however a limited number of spots, so we invite you to fill out the interest form with a few short answer questions so we can create a cohort that is balanced between programs and years and awesome alumni (a given)!

When are interest forms due?

There is no hard deadline to submit interest forms. We hope these forms can be referenced in the future to engage interested alumni in ways beyond ALC. However, we will begin reviewing interest on October 12.

ELP will review all applications to select finalists for interviews. Finalists will join a virtual interview with ELP staff and/or Senior Fellow and a DDCSP program staff for 45 minutes. ELP and DDCSP program staff will select a final cohort of 20 alumni to participate in the Alumni Leadership Cohort. Selected alumni will have one week to confirm their participation. Alumni who were not selected as finalists will join a waitlist and be given priority consideration for the second alumni leadership cohort.

When will I hear back about my interest form?

Everyone will be notified by November 2nd.

So… then what if I’m not accepted?

These interest forms will be saved and reviewed when future opportunities come up. We are always looking for ways to engage as many scholars as possible, and we’re so excited you are interested in investing in this network. ALC is not the end all be all, and if you have a specific idea for a DDCSP event or collaboration, please reach out to Sydney Fuller

Still have questions?

Email Sydney Fuller to share any additional thoughts, questions or concerns.