Wait, so what exactly is the alumni council?


The DDCSP Alumni Council is a group of 8 alumni who will serve in leadership and coordinating positions to advance the ideas and projects that emerge from the DDCSP Alumni community. The positions of the Alumni Council were first outlined by the Alumni Steering Committee in 2020.

How is this different than the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee was a group of 10 DDCSP Alumni from various programs and cohorts that came together to draft the contract (2021-2023) between the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Environmental Leadership Program.

Who's staying on from the Steering Committee?



Hello! I'm Britttany Amaral (she/her) and I'm an alum from the UW 2018 cohort. I love learning about nature, cooking, photography, gardening, foraging, and doing arts and crafts. I currently work at the University of Rhode Island's Wildlife Genetics and Ecology Lab doing research on the New England Cottontail! However, my other professional interests include animal behavior and ethnobotany (food and natural medicines). My favorite part of being on the committee is meeting new alumni and learning how the network functions as a whole! I really want to play a part in making our network more inclusive and accessible for everyone so that the connections we make within it last for years to come.



Houston Harris (she/her) is from the 2014 University of Florida cohort by way of University of Arizona. Since completing the program, she has gone on to complete her master's in Landscape Architecture and now lives in Atlanta, GA. Her goals as a designer are to find ways to make
outdoor spaces more inclusive for humans and animals alike. This same thinking is her focus with being part of the Alumni Steering Committee. She hopes to make the space we are all a part of strong and flexible enough to support the community that we are today, and the community we will grow into in the future. When her feet aren't buried in the ground, her head is usually high in the clouds with a good book.



I (she/they) completed the UW program in 2016. My personal interests are all centered around exploration. I work and play in the outdoors in a number of ways. I was working as an outdoor educator until the end of 2019. I "retired" from the field life hoping to transition into something more long term. I love the idea of building intentional community centered around art and activism in my community. I am slowly building an online ceramics store that I hope to turn into a physical space one day. I am focused on making our network inclusive. I want to build systems that empower the minority opinion and keep power/responsibility in the hands of the individual.

What are the available positions?

Though Council members will have distinct roles, applications and voting will not be done on a role by role basis. Roles will be decided collectively by the Council after elections have been finalized. Some roles will be shared by multiple members.

The roles that the Council will self organize into are as follows:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Mini-Grant Fund Managers
  • Administrator
  • Regional Ambassador Support
  • Mutual Aid Fund Managers
  • Equity Processor
What's the time commitment?

Alumni Council members will serve 2-year terms. Don't be scared! The monthly time commitment is no more than 12 hours, often less. That comes to around 3 hours a week max!.

Is this a paid opportunity?

YES! This position is paid! Folks will receive a stipend of $2250/year in payments spread over the year.


Where do I apply?

Applications are now closed.

Why no names in application?

DDCSP alumni participate in the network to drastically varying degrees and some folks feel more connected than others to peers in their own program and in other programs. We want all folks to feel included in the conversations and community rather than excluded. By keeping voting anonymous, we hope to create a process that feels fun for everyone and as little like a popularity contest as possible.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an alumnus of the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars program.
  • To be considered alumni you must have completed both summers of DDCSP.
What is the selection process?

Elections! All DDCSP alumni, current scholars, and program staff will participate in anonymous voting! ELP will not be selecting or interviewing any candidates. The 5 anonymous applications with the most votes will be members of the Alumni Council!

When are interest forms due?

Wednesday, May 12.

I can't run for this Alumni Council. When will the next cycle begin?

Fall 2022! Hope to see you then!


When is the voting period?

Voting was open Monday, May 24- Saturday, June 20. Voting is now closed.

Oops! I made a mistake. How do I change my vote?

If you need to change your vote, please contact All votes must be in by June 20. Voting is now closed.

So… then what if I’m not elected?

Folks who have submitted interest forms will be reached out to as future opportunities come up. We are always looking for ways to engage as many scholars as possible, and we’re so excited you are interested in investing in this network. The Alumni Council (and all formalized DDCSP alumni programming) is not the end all be all, and if you have a specific idea for a DDCSP event or collaboration, please reach out to Sydney.

Still have questions? Contact