ALC 4 has now come to a close. I am sending so much gratitude to the cohort for making my first time facilitating an ALC so much fun! Our time together has been filled with laughter, fringe music recommendations, tv rants, work rants, and a ton of great ideas for the network.

I’m excited to continue to work with folks on their own individual ideas for the network and support in any way I can! Below you will find where our ALC 4 project groups have left off.


The Articles Group:

Diana (UCSC '19) and Blenna (UM '18) wrote an article for the March 2021 issue of Platform Magazine. You can read it here or submit your own proposal for a Platform article here.

Photo of Redwood trees and Diana and Blenna smiling


The Media/ Video Group:

Erin (UM '20), Joseph (UW '15), and Storm (UCSC '20) are continuing their work on a video series highlighting different DDCSP alumni in the New York area. Below is a still of Catherine (UF '17, ALC 3). Can't wait to see more! 

Catherine Louie


The Art Book Group:

Brayden (UM '20), Keao (UW '16), Samir (UCSC '19), and Tiffany (UM '19) are all working on completing a zine of visual and written art by their DDCSP peers! You can check out the draft right here. Stay tuned for the final version!

Art Book members: Keao, Brayden, Samir, and Tiffany's faces photoshopped onto Avatar characters' bodies