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Lowland Streaked Tenrec

  • Join campaigns and coalitions that address emerging issues like climate anxiety
  • JEDI
  • Create new programming
  • Cheerleaders
  • Environmentalists of Color Network

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The DDSCP Alumni Network consists of conservation/environmentally-minded powerhouses excelling in their respective fields. My vision is to strengthen the bonds of the alumni network and create programming that creates a community of restorative justice, join campaigns and coalitions that address climate anxiety and other emerging issues, and be cheerleaders to our fellow alumni. The Network can bolster the skills, expertise, and energy of alumni and be a sounding board for progressive thinking on how to model relations with alumni, forward diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives, and show up in solidarity with our network. The alumni network can also be elevated to recruit prospective members to the DDCSP community and mentor the next generation of emerging leaders. I am a youth climate and environmental justice activist, member of the Environmentalists of Color Network, and New Leaders Council 2021 Fellow. These experiences have prepared me to lead this work.

sprawling, shallow river running through trees and meadows.

Sunda Colugo

  • We need the original Sauce
  • The power of friendship always wins
  • I know we're all lonely, so we should definitely talk more
  • Variety is the spice of life

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When I joined DDCSP, I was most pleasantly surprised and warmed by the incredible friendships I have made and gained. I envision an alumni network that can still create those same warm feelings again, and re-create the magic that is DDCSP. I plan on bringing plenty of ideas and events to not only get more folks participating in programs, but also interacting and talking with each other. As someone who struggles with maintaining social relationships, I set myself a goal for 2022 to be intentional with how I communicate in my friendships, and meet people where they are. I want to see an alumni network where we interact with each other more and hear each other’s perspectives, whether that’s through Zoom game nights, workshops, or just talking on a forum!

Alt text: Camp Kame illustration of Goku as scout leader with popular anime protagonists as scouts in chibi form, gathered around a camp fire.


  • Intersectional conservation perspective
  • Increasing accessibility to field and conservation jobs
  • Strengthening DDCSP community

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I hope to bring an intersectional perspective of conservation and dedication towards increasing accessibility to the conservation field. As an adventure enthusiast, I value the knowledge and experiences gained from outdoor field work and I hope to connect our communities to fulfilling, accommodating field experiences. I imagine a supportive DDCSP alumni network including members from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields. This diversity is what makes DDCSP a dynamic community that I hope to see strengthen in the future. I am prepared to develop relationships with my fellow DDCSP alumni to strengthen the community within our network. I imagine a community with the knowledge, resources, and relationships to work together towards improving our DDCSP network and the greater effort for conservation in a changing, dynamic world.

Glaucus Atlanticus

  • Aspire to be someone people feel reaching out to
  • Facilitator to network or share ideas
  • Help coordinate activities for growth and unwind
  • I look forward to learning from everyone

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What I hope to bring to the DDCSP Alumni Council and Network is someone that people feel comfortable with to communicate their ideas to. I feel it can be a bit intimidating to interact with other alumni from different programs/year or even staff. In a community full of nice and nature-loving people, I would love to help facilitate networking and sharing of ideas. I believe the DDCSP community are some of the most creative and problem-solving people out there and I would love the opportunity to ensure people feel comfortable asking for help or confident to submit their ideas. I also would like to help coordinate activities for everyone’s joy, growth, and relaxation. My vision for the future of the alumni network is more interaction and participation between alumni outside their program and year. I am a great listener and always up for finding a new way to do things.

Ili Pika

  • Bringing in some organized chaos
  • have been organizing for the past few years and that has influenced a lot of life perspectives
  • looking to decolonize our world and spaces
  • excited to bring new ideas and create more community spaces
  • prioritizing BIPOC & queer spaces

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I’m looking forward to inject more organized chaos! I’ve been organizing in movement work more and more for the past few years now and have been thinking about how decolonizing our lives looks like and I’m looking forward to bringing those ideas into the council/network! I love the idea of creating more spaces and places to connect and support each other on tasks and interests; definitely interested in prioritizing BIPOC & queer spaces ✨

8 cartoon black and white people in pyramid order with a megaphone at the top and signs from the top left reading from to the right then down “save the earth”, s🌎s “love our mother”“our earth matters” “choose eco not ego” with a rainbow at the bottom a city skyline that has the left half flooded with water and the right half on fire the top background shows a blue sky a wind tornado in the center the words “abolition” in red and “care” in green on the top “community” in yellow “sustainability” in orange.


  • DDCSP = community
  • More collective radical visioning spaces!
  • Facilitation experience with visioning
  • Let’s find out together what future WE want!
  • We are building our joy & dismantling oppressive systems :)

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I am a big believer that collective work and visioning is how we create the future that we imagine. This largely stems from my first DDCSP summer where we shared on topics like mindfulness, being present, and our radical environmental dreams, all while being immersed in nature. I would love to create more intentional spaces like that for us alumni and I envision spaces every month or as time allows where we can explore similar topics as a collective, including what we need to maintain our joy. Over the past year I’ve led visioning sessions for undergrads on where our individual place in the environmental movement is, moving past the capital & colonial system, and what community care can be. These practices have shown me how necessary intentional community spaces are for healing individually and collectively, and creating the future WE want.

Alt text: Drawing of two hands made of flowers and vines holding each other surrounded by the words "these hands are gonna do great things" on a yellow-orange background.

Golden Tortoise Beetle

  • Connecting alumni to opportunities through a DDCSP job board
  • Support each other with conversations and advice about career development, interview preparation, compensation negotiation strategies, grad school etc.
  • Talks/Q&As with leaders that are working on conservation in diverse ways (private sector solutions, NGOs, academia)
  • Connecting current scholars to the alumni network to broaden their opportunities for the second summer internships
  • Working together to enhance how each of us can contribute to conservation

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I hope to bring new ideas that continue to make the alumni council empowering and impactful for alumni and current scholars. I will develop programs to inform alumni of the diversity of jobs that contribute to conservation. For example, I work on biodiversity loss and conversation through a plant-based meat start up called Impossible Foods. Before my current position, I had not realized there were opportunities in conservation outside of academia and NGOs. As a council member I will work to create connections and partnerships for alumni and scholars to expand job and internship opportunities. This would include a job board for alumni, connections between the alumni network and current scholars to broaden opportunities for second summer internships. My vision of the DDCSP network is one where we work together and leverage our collective skills to push the frontier of conservation forward.

Alt text: The link I shared is to a video titled "We WILL Fix Climate Change!" It details climate solutions and strategies that we can take to reduce climate change. It is empowering and exciting while being grounded and realistic. This is a video made by the group Kurzgesagt.