The DDCSP Alumni Council is a group of 8 alumni who will serve in leadership and coordinating positions to advance the ideas and projects that emerge from the DDCSP Alumni community. 

Voting is currently open for 4 open positions in the Alumni Council with a two-year term. Click here to go vote! Here's the FAQ page too.

Returning Alumni Council Members for 2022 include:

Diana (UW '17)

Diana smiles at the camera. She is wearing a yellow puffer. She has brown skin and black hair.

Olivia (UW '17)

Olivia is outside and smiles at the camera. They wear glasses and a light brown shirt. They have black hair.

Savannah ( NAU '16)

Savannah smiles at the camera. She is outside at a park. She has brown hair.

Storm (UCSC '18) 

Storm stands outside with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera. She wears a blue shirt. She has brown skin and her black dreadlocked hair is worn down.