The DDCSP Alumni Council is a group of 8 alumni who serve in leadership and coordinating positions to advance the ideas and projects that emerge from the DDCSP Alumni community. They have each been elected by the Alumni Network (you!).

Returning Alumni Council Members:

Diana (UW '17)

Diana smiles at the camera. She is wearing a yellow puffer. She has brown skin and black hair.

Olivia (UW '17)

Olivia is outside and smiles at the camera. They wear glasses and a light brown shirt. They have black hair.

Savannah ( NAU '16)

Savannah smiles at the camera. She is outside at a park. She has brown hair.

Storm (UCSC '18) 

Storm stands outside with her arms crossed, smiling at the camera. She wears a blue shirt. She has brown skin and her black dreadlocked hair is worn down.

Newly elected Council Members:

Tonyisha (UM '17)

photo of tonyisha sitting and smiling in a greenhouse










Arjun (Collab ’18)

headshot of Arjun smiling











Princess (UCSC ’17)

headshot of Princess smiling











Marlen (NAU ’16)

photo of Marlen smiling and standing outside










Jessica (NAU ’18)

photo of Jessica smiling