Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program 

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The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) is a highly selective, two-year undergraduate research program focused on preparing the next generation of diverse environmental conservation professionals. DDCSP offers immersive, experiential learning opportunities, visits to iconic landscapes across the U.S., unique research and internship experiences, and professional development. Participants also gain exposure to career options and leading conservation professionals, access to mentorship opportunities, and deep appreciation of the value of diversity and inclusion. 

The DDCSP is administered by five universities: Northern Arizona University, University of California at Santa Cruz, University of Florida, University of Michigan and University of Washington. With the exception of the program administered by the University of Florida, all DDCSP sites recruit students nationwide to participate in DDCSP. The University of Florida partners with Cornell University, North Carolina State University, University of Arizona and University of Idaho to service students recruited from those five institutions. The program offers a competitive stipend and covers travel, lodging, and meals. Learn more about the programs below:

DDCSP Locations, Criteria & Program Focuses  

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University of California, Santa Cruz 

University of Michigan 

Northern Arizona University 

University of Washington 

University of Florida 

Programs Funded By Doris Duke Charitable Foundation                             

More about the individual DDCSP programs here