"Save the date: Homecoming 2023, Sept. 21-24" Illustration of plants and sunshine and friends hugging


What is it? A three-day gathering for and by alumni! This will be a time for us to bond with new DDCSP pals, reconnect with old pals, and see program staff again.

When is it? Thursday, September 21st through Sunday the 24th! 

Where is it? We're switching coasts this year and will gather at the Silver Bay YMCA in New York. 

Who is it for? DDCSP alumni and program staff across programs (both current and past)

What do we need from you? Fill out the application if you want to attend! The deadline has been extended to June 30! If you'd like to get involved in a more active way, fill out our RFP (request for proposals, found in our main application) and attend a town hall to share your thoughts on the event!  


Got more questions? Check out our FAQ!

The Themes

This year we will be focusing on three themes for our time together. If any of these themes spark exciting ideas for you, fill out our RFP (request for proposals) along with your Homecoming application! This event is by and for alumni, meaning YOU will be facilitating and leading the workshops, breakouts, huddles, conversations, and activities! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

🍄Luchando, Creando, Poder Popular: creating action plans for collective power

This theme is for you if:

  • You want to organize with your fellow alumni
  • There's certain cause you are particularly passionate and knowledgeable about that you'd like to gather support for
  • You want to create accountability and structure for a social cause or movement 

🦋TRANS-itions: the magice of boundaries, emergence, and fluidity in the face of capitalism

This theme is for you if:

  • You'd like to host an affinity group for trans or nonbinary folks in the DDCSP community
  • You'd like to organize a support group or grief group for BIPOC living under capitalism
  • You want to think about conservation as expansively, optimistically, and creatively as possible

💕Unity in Community with DDCSP: let's hang out! 

This theme is for you if:

  • You love games and can't wait to teach DDCSPers your favorite
  • You are excited to collaborate on ideas together, make art, explore the area, and bond

Ready to apply?